A Weird Summer


Orion Miller with his keyboard (Photo By: Orion Miller)

Needless to say this summer has been a lot different than any other summer before. Orion Miller surely had some fun experiences even with all the precautions in place. He said the thing he did the most was play video games with his friends. He said “It wasn’t a typical summer but my friends and I found ways to have fun without leaving the house”. One of the things he did over summer was learning to play the piano, he said “The lockdown gave me plenty of time to learn new things that I would never have thought of learning otherwise”. He also said towards the end of summer his friend got a job at Five Guys so he’s eaten there plenty of times over the summer.

All this time at home did have its benefits, he said “I could do all my summer homework without feeling like I amĀ  missing out on anything”. Especially during the beginning of summer staying home was extremely important because no one knew anything about the virus. This gave people plenty of time for peoples lives to slow down and for people to work on and learn new things. Having this time at home was important for a lot of people and Orion is no exception. He says “Hopefully next summer will be different but I feel like it was nice to slow down, stay at home for a bit and work on new things.” Learning new things and more about yourself is just as important as taking vacations and having fun with friends.