Staying Focused


Austin Cartier is a hard working senior at Sunlake High School. Austin says he stays focused on doing his work by limiting distractions and listening to his music. By doing this he is able to concentrate and get all the work he has done. Due to COVID this year he said it’s been harder for him to work in class because he is constantly suffocating with a mask and with social distancing he is unable to work in groups which he prefers to do. This year it has been more difficult because some kids do better in groups and because of COVID we now have to work alone and it may be more challenging for some. Austin’s habits to excel in class is to have an effective learning strategy which is to study over a period of time rather than cramming the day before a test quiz. Having a strategy is a great way to make sure you do well in your classes. I asked Austin how he’s able to juggle extracurricular activities and his response was, “I barely can, I get home, do some work and then go straight to work.” Knowing what you want to do in college can be less stressful than not knowing what you want to do at all. Austin said his idea of what he wants to do for college is major in Construction Management at UF.