April 8 | Announcements

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America And to the Republic for which it stands One nation, under God Indivisible with liberty and justice for all


Charles S. Rushe MS is looking to hire a BCE Student for the 2021-2022 School Year.

If interested, please go to the Pasco County Schools Jobs Website and apply for the General Application for the BCE Student Program.


Matt Durchik
Seniors, if you ordered graduation announcements or yard signs from Herff Jones, please see Ms. Hall in room 3-163 to pick them up.


Karen Hall
Today and tomorrow we are administering the FSA ELA Writing test for students in English 2. Students, if you received a notification ticket to test today at 7:20, please go to your testing location at this time. If you are scheduled to test at 10:50, please go to 4th period lunch and listen for the testing announcement.


Teachers, please check the rosters that were sent to you and send any students scheduled to test this morning to their testing location at this time.