Homecoming Powder Puff and a Freshman’s Experience


Freshman Kylie Hudgins participates in Sunlake High school’s Powder Puff. With typical player roles reversed, she plays football while cheered on by male students in the sidelines.

Daniel Crane, Staffer

Powder Puff… it’s an event that’s all about switching up the normal high school football routine for something different. In Powder Puff, the traditional roles of students are swapped, where male students cheer on female students as they play football. The event allows students to come together and try something new, while – as with virtually all other school events – meeting new people. One freshman, Kylie Hudgins, talked about her experience with Powder Puff during an interview on the subject. When asked why she chose to participate, Kylie said that “it was a way to make new friends, explore, and just have fun.” Powder Puff is an after-school event, so anyone who did choose to go certainly had the desire to go or was at the very least interested in trying it out. Kylie said that a few things that stood out were “being able to play against other grades and being able to see your friends in the other grades while being able to compete against them in the competition.” She also added by commenting on the generous size of the event. Kylie said there was nothing that she could think of that she didn’t like about the event. She ended by saying that, ultimately, she did have a fun time and would go to Powder Puff again and when asked about what she would say to anyone who didn’t go, she explained “Do it next year. It’s really fun and you make new friends. It’s just like… a really fun environment.” The more students who go to Powder Puff, the greater the competition and the more excitement there is, so students should definitely look into when the next Powder Puff is. And, as with most school events, participants will likely meet new faces and maybe even reconnect with old ones too!