Moses Raps Story


Samuel Chacon

Moses Mazzanti, one of the many talented students at Sunlake, is dedicated to his love of music.

Samuel Chacon, Staffer

Sophomore Moses Mazzanti is very much a unique person. In fact, a teenager with amazing talent. That gift is that he has been writing lyrics for some time as a hobby to help people see things from another perspective that others have not seen yet. Moses discovered his passion when he was 8 years old and stated that “When I was around the age of 8 when I had discovered the artist “Eminem” and just that his music just got me hooked on with the rapping industry. Moses has expanded his music taste since then and has been influenced by many more artists such as rap music from any era and progressive rock. Moses then explained what other artist he looks to for inspiration and states “Eminem of course, NBA young boy, and I just started to listen to Royce da 5’9”. Moses explains how the lyrics from his favorite artists enhanced his perspective on the real world. Moses States that “Eminem’s Lyrics are just so funny but also very clever.” Moses then explains around the age of 13 is when he started to just work on lyrics that just came to the top of his head. Moses talks about how he has gone through many ideas through the years, and he is just waiting for the right opportunity when he finishes the lyrics for his first main project. Moses said, “I’m super slow at making things but I actually finished the lyrics finally for my first project now for the first time since I was 13. I’m going to be recording soon so just wait.” Moses then explains how the upcoming generations are becoming corrupted by the wrong things that the world is just letting happen to the poor youth. Moses says that “I genuinely get most of my ideas when I’m mad or frustrated whenever I see that isn’t okay to happen to anybody and I just write whatever comes to my mind to release those thoughts to help me cope and to make a piece of artwork so others can listen to and so that they can see they aren’t the only ones feeling this way. I’m not trying to make people think I’m crazy for what I write about but to see from another perspective on society has the biggest impact on our new generations and that something needs to be done about it, and if something isn’t done soon that a massive outrage will occur, and I don’t want that for me and any other person having to deal with these things. My message is that we need to be more exposed to many things that occur in the real world to prepare us and every other person for the real-world situations that are faced every day.