Change for the Best – Madison Belfiore


photo by; Allan Welch

Madison Belfiore is in McCall, Idaho

Katheryn Miles

Being social is something not a lot of people can do by themselves. Usually they have that one best friend that helps them be social and by being friends with them it helps them be more comfortable around others. For some people it may not be a person, it may be a stuffed animal or a hobby of theirs that they adore and love. With that object or person people change what they say. Some may become more social and some may become less. Everyone changes in their life at one point whether it be in a month or two or in a couple years. In this case Madison has had a small change in her life in a couple months. “Before quarantine I didn’t really talk to people. Coming out of it, I have found out that I have talked to more people now than ever. Mainly because of work. I feel like now I make more friends faster than I did because I try and talk about similar interests.”

Madison Belfiore is in science class taking notes. (Photo by: Fallou Mbowe)

“Acting has pushed me to become more outgoing. The first two weeks i didn’t talk to anyone but after that it felt like more of a family. For me I don’t really like people. So id say its an advantage cause it helps me overcome my trait of not being social and not liking people. When i’m with people that I like i’m outgoing and social where when i’m alone i’m shy and keep to myself.” Madison said. She has found her hobby and something that allows her to be relaxed and enjoy being social. Everyone has a safe spot to relax and rewind their thoughts. For her it’s acting, some examples would include a gym, yoga room, shopping, hangout spot with their friends, listening and singing to music, reading, or watching TV. It alters depending on the person. Another thing that depends on the person would be their choices in style. “Personally I don’t think my style has changed. Half of it would be cause I like wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I usually wear black but if I had another choice I would choose red, blue, or green. I also like the color purple but I don’t have a lot of clothes with red, blue, or green in them.”

Over quarantine a lot of people have found themselves whether it be they knew their self worth or just the fact they realized they were doing less than what they can achieve. “My laziness would be one id change but I know i’m never going to get around to it. I would change my procrastination but I know myself well enough that that’s not going to happen but i’m definitely going to keep working on it. I also wish I talked to more friends. I would just talk to my parents, half of it was because I was too lazy too to pick up my phone and text them but I also didn’t want to annoy them.” Madison stated. Being lazy is something everyone has in common. Since Madison had to do online school she was faced with some challenges. Some high schoolers loved online but Madison was not one of them. “I really hated online school…” So for Sophomore year she decided to go in person. However she still wishes that she could change some things. “… I’m not doing good in any of my classes besides one. I’m doing good is in ASL, America Sign Language, Other than that i’m not learning anything in half of my other classes because some of my teachers don’t really teach. I wish I took chemistry instead of Biology. Biology seems really easy but since my teacher doesn’t really teach its hard to grasp the lesson and information.”

Since everyone had a lot of time off because of the pandemic, some families have gotten into different hobbies. Example being traveling. “I went to Kentucky, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, St. Augustine, and Georgia with my dad. In Idaho the mountains were really pretty and an awesome sight to see. St. Augustine beaches were really nice and very picture worthy. In Kentucky I saw my cousin that I haven’t seen in years. And in Arizona I went on a pink jeep tour which was really pretty and extremely fun. I highly recommend doing it if you go to Arizona.” Said Madison.

Madison has definitely changed over summer and for the best. She has become more of a social person and more confident in herself. She got closer with her family and when she was bored she found that, “Reading the Harry Potter books definitely kept me from being bored out of my mind.” She’s only in her Sophomore year and she’s excited for the future and what it holds. Look out, She’s coming!