The Perch

2022-2023 Staff


Katelyn Madley

Hi! I am a Junior and part of the yearbook staff here at Sunlake High School. I work as an editor for the school paper, The Perch, and am certified in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I love taking pictures for sports and...

Danielle Swenson

Danielle Swenson

Danielle Swenson is a junior at Sunlake high school. In her first year on the Yearbook committee, she acts as an Editor for the newspaper, The Perch. She enjoys working on writing, photographing our school events, and creating...

Freshman Isabella Gray posing for pictures before her 8th grade dance.

Isabella Gray

Isabella Gray is a student at Sunlake High School. She is very gifted in the arts and loves drawing, acting, singing, and storytelling. She is also a competitive rock climber and loves traveling with her family. She has both a...


Lance Robinson

"I have been on the staff since 2021 and a sunlake student since 2020"


Gabriela Carrioni

My name is Gaby, I am a junior at Sunlake High School and a staffer for the Sunlake yearbook and Talon.


Ella Infanger

Student at Sunlake High School participating in the Yearbook and student council.


Mackenzie Southworth

Student at Sunlake High School. Photographer, guitarist, and seamstress.


Jillian Moore

I am a staffer on yearbook !


Koen Devenny

I am a staffer for the student news paper and yearbook 2022-2023 year.


Adia Symmonds

I'm a sophomore at Sunlake high school.


Madison Belfiore

I'm a staffer for the Sunlake High School and I write for the school newspaper.


Jack Lonon

I write articles for the school newspaper and interview people for the yearbook. I like cats.

Toby Somerville

I'm a staffer at Sunlake high school 👍🏻

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