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The Wagstaff kids watching Youtube together
Lucas and Lugh Wagstaff - Twins Stand Together
Joshua Hadlock, Staffer • September 21, 2020

People can be born into different types of families. Some are only children, some are fatherless or motherless, and some you have brothers and sisters. Lucas and Lugh Wagstaff have been born into,...

Photo Credit: Claire Huffman
Lauren Huffman - Who is she?
September 21, 2020
Evan working hard on his schoolwork out of school.
Evan Inge - New School Year, Same Work Ethic
Aidan Neal, Staffer • September 14, 2020

With students not being in school for close to 5 months a lot of students have adapted to not having to do school work, but not for students like senior Evan Inge. Evan has been working extremely hard...

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