Moving Forward – Mozelle Clark


Photo By: Natalie Apolo

Mozelle practicing the blocking technique during practice.

Natalie Apolo, Photograher

Mozelle Clark is a senior this year and his current position is Right tackle but he also plays Right guard on the Offensive line. In the past he has played Nose guard and Left tackle on the defensive line. So this was a big move for him and a big change to his summer training. However due to our March pandemic that started we had a COVID-19 summer. Which to Moe it was “…hard for me to train over this recent summer because my parents didn’t want me going out because of COVID. My mom has preexisting conditions which make her more susceptible to contracting the virus and I for sure didn’t want to be the reason my mom got sick from this pandemic so I had to cut off a lot of things like going to the weight room and missing some practice.” He cares so much for his loved ones and putting them at risk was not something he wanted. Football is his life but the health of his family and friends means a lot to him as well.

Even after summer the transition from summer to school was still a struggle for him. “Going back to school after COVID was very hard for me because I was scared I was going to come in contact with it and get sick and bring it home and give it to my family. I still fear that now but I do what I can to protect myself from COVID.” Even with this fear he still takes precautions and balance school with football. He also made some big changes to his old routine by ” doing my part and not get the football team to have to quarantine, I wear my mask all day  and use hand sanitizer before every class and those are really the only things that have changed.” They have also made some big changes to practice and they make the players ” bring our own water jug so we don’t all drink from the same water cow, we put hand sanitizer before we go out to practice and while we are in the locker room we have to wear a mask.” 

Walking across the field one final time on his senior night with his mom (Kayla Clark) and his dad (Byron Clark). (Photo By: Natalie Apolo)

However without being here today showing growth he had a really hard childhood. “My biological father left me when I was 3 years old he gave up on me and my mom. It was very hard… until she meet my father. It got harder for me because my dad was in the military so when he was overseas I had to step up and help my mom with my brother and sister and some time went by. Life after my mom had another baby had seriously changed I had to take care of my brother and sister a lot more after that because my mom was very sad, I didn’t want to put anymore stress on her so I bottled up all emotions and tried my hardest not to show them…we than did a big move to Florida… I started playing football…it was an outlet to let all of my emotions out.”  Even through the challenges he has faced he still kept his head high and it really shaped him into the person he is today. He believes it made him a better person by thinking “…life happens for a reason and I have to play the best with the cards I’ve been dealt. It also gave me the mindset I have today which is “I don’t want to be good at what I do, I want to be the best.”

With this mindset of being the best at what he does he is very thrilled for this season and happy to be going to a championship due to our current state. He has a-lot determination in our team that we “…could bring the championship home this year, we had good people. We just all need to come together and all need to have the want to be the best and right now we are struggling on that but if we can all have that mentality we could be a very very good team..” 

He did however have a message for our underclassmen so they don’t get discouraged by joining our team. “A message for the underclassmen, Be good in school and don’t be rude to your teachers, keep your grades up, be the best you can be and just strive to get better every day, listen to the coach’s and be where they say at the right time or you will regret it, I promise.” Everyone comes  from different backgrounds and has different stories to tell Moe doesn’t ever want to see people disrespected and wants everyone to succeed. It’s hard in life but no matter what life throws you just gotta keep going