Valentine’s Day at Sunlake!


Daniel Crane

Cayden DeTillio with his flower in a spectacular pose!

Daniel Crane, Staffer

Ever wanted to show someone to appreciate them? Wanted to show your love for someone? This Valentine’s Day, Sunlake High School allowed students to purchase flowers for anyone of their choosing! These flower grams were different sizes, and many students chose to participate.

One Sunlake student, Cayden DeTillio, received a flower this Valentine’s Day. Asking about the gram and if

he was expecting one, Cayden said “I was not expecting one. My girlfriend had just come back from Asturia.” Cayden explained that he didn’t expect his girlfriend to be able to order a flower for him in time. Luckily, Cayden said “She used her friend to order it.” Cayden said he liked the gift. “I liked it. It was nice to have it around for the whole day” he said. Cayden further explained that receiving the flower unexpectedly made it feel all the more special. “I carried it around with me the whole day.” Cayden said. “If I didn’t have my hands free, I would put it in my sweater and have it stick out; hands free!” he said. Cayden said that he had a few people talk to him about the gram that he got.

Cayden also sent a gram, saying “I got a bouquet of flowers for my girlfriend” explaining, “She liked it. The only thing she didn’t like was that she didn’t have any hands to holds anything for the rest of the day.” Quite a lovely problem!

When asked about what he thinks about the flower grams, Cayden said “I think [Sunlake] should keep doing them because it’s really nice.” Cayden explained that the price of the flowers is another positive aspect of the grams. Another student who received a gram, Ricardo Vila also explained what he thinks about the flower grams, saying “I like them. I think they are quick and convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere but they are still thoughtful because you can write a message.”

Sunlake’s flower grams are a great way for students to show what they think about someone. They are easy to setup and are convenient for students with busy schedules.