His Dead Lift Inspiration


Lucas Cordt

The facility that Lucas works out in and also deadlifts in.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Everyone has a person they look up to and admire. For Freshman Lucas Cordt, he likes Bruce Wang. Bruce Wang is a deadlift TikToker who can deadlift up to 230 kg. “Bruce Wang to me is a TikToker that is always on my ‘For You’ page,” says Lucas this TikToker means a lot to him and inspires him to become stronger like him. “Something I like about him is he got a good physique and is a good inspiration to others,” said Lucas. Bruce Wang is a 16-year-old dead lifter who inspires younger people to work on their physique and gym life. Although Lucas hasn’t liked Bruce Wang for long, he stated, “I’ve liked him ever since he been on my ‘For You’ page which is about a month now.” Bruce Wang has become part of Lucas’ daily life. He would watch him on TikTok and it would just motivate him more. “My favorite thing about him is his personality because he [is] really funny and inspirational,” said Lucas, and that’s a big thing when you like someone a lot. Lucas says that, “My least favorite thing about him is nothing,” meaning that in Lucas’s eyes, Bruce Wang is perfect and is only the best inspiration to him.