A New Meaning to Summer – Laurel La Russa

Laurel enjoying the beach this summer.

Laurel La Russa

Laurel enjoying the beach this summer.

Aidan Neal, Staffer


This summer was different for everyone this year due to the massive changes made with the Corona virus. Being locked in our houses for most of the summer instead of being all around was something  nobody thought of at the start of the year, but students like senior Laurel La Russa still were able to enjoy it, “I was able to find more opportunities to do things, and made new friends, even though a lot of things were closed or had a limited capacity.”

Laurel taking a selfie in one of the few times she could escape being locked up at home. (Photo By: Laurel La Russa)

“Unfortunately this summer, I couldn’t go to Sicily like I had been saving up for.” Even with her big plans being canceld this summer, she was still able to enjoy it.  There were other unexpected events in Laurel’s summer,  “I didn’t expect to get a job, get my license, make and break relationships with people and many more opportunities.” Even though all of those unexpected things happened she added, “I truly can say I enjoyed this years summer, was one for the books for sure.” When asked about school she said, ” I was less prepared for school this year because I wasn’t expecting us to go back to school at all, and also because I was to caught up in summer, it never occurred to me when school was, I lost sense of time, I was to busy having fun.”

She said the best part of summer this year was getting to finally see and hangout with her friends after not seeing them for almost two months straight, “… I had some wild adventures together over the summer, memories I’ll never forget.” Laurel got to enjoy summer this year by having new experiences like playing billiards, “I got interested in cars, got to meet a lot of car enthusiasts, and got into drawing and painting.” it seems that for most students especially Laurel that this summer was a break from the normal, which turned out to be a good thing.