Shopping Back to Normalcy


Daniel enjoying time in Quarantine!

Amazon gave everyone a sense of some normalcy during the quarantine process. (Photo by:

This year has been a weird one, from the quarantine within our own homes for 6 months, to the riots and petitions of black lives matter. However, people are still finding joy within this troublesome year and we are hoping that this year will eventually slow down and end.  We all hope life will be able to go back to normal. Daniel Harmon, a junior at Sunlake High School, was happy to receive a new hoodie during this COVID-19 epidemic. Although a hoodie may seem insignificant with everything that is going on, Daniel’s happiness was anything but. The joy that we receive when we get something that we want is unmatchable, but with this virus slowing down the mail, actually being able to go places, the joy from even a new bottle of toothpaste is incomparable. I asked Daniel about his new hoodie, and he was willingly ready to answer them. I asked how he got the hoodie, and he replied with, “Well, like everything really now, I ordered it off of Amazon. It was a pretty quick delivery, which is good news.” Yes, Amazon seems like they are speeding up their deliveries, which is a plus to all of society who want new things. I also asked him why he wanted this new hoodie, and he replied with, “I really liked the design, I knew that it was going to get colder in these next few months, and it looks really comfortable!” Once again, joy is essential to human life, and with the amount of issues that have been put into place this year, it is always nice to feel appreciated with getting a gift, feeling a sense of charity by giving a gift, or just a sense of love because you were able to get a gift. Although this year may seem bad, if we realize that there are positive things as well  in this year, we can realize how good this year actually was, from things like being able to spend more time with family, and being able to know that most of the people are following the governmental rules.