Adventures with Gary – Kaylee Roy


Hunter Falcon, Staffer

Getting a first car is one of the biggest moments for a high schooler to achieve. For Kaylee Roy, this milestone was something that she will remember for the rest of her life. Kaylee explains “Getting my first car meant the absolute world to me. I was honestly so surprised when I got him. I’ve taken care of him ever since and treated him like my baby.”

Kaylee in her car for the very first time!

Naming cars is something many people do since they hold so much value in our everyday lives. She calls her car Gary because “it was the first thing that popped into my head. I also love Spongebob so Gary had to be included.”

Although Gary is definitely not like the slow snail from her childhood TV show, she says that she sees similar qualities between the two. Kaylee states that “I see myself as Spongebob and Gary is my loyal companion. We do everything together.” When talking about her favorite memory with her car, she says that she loves to go on random road trips around the town, rolling the windows down, and jamming to her favorite music. Roy states that she “chose the type of car I have because they’re super good on gas and they’re speedy and also super reliable.” Not every ride with Gary is great though, as she reminisces of the time she got a flat tire while driving. “It was a scary moment for the both of us but I was there for him and we fought through it together,” Kaylee states.

Being a senior, she is excited to create many more lasting memories with her car. “I’m excited to go on other road trips with my friends and family. Gary and I still have so many places we haven’t seen yet,” she explains.