A Familiar Scene in a New Light – Justin Shaffer


Justin Shaffer

A picture of Daytona at night.

Joshua Hadlock, Staffer

Justin standing by the Daytona Raceway (Photo By: Mrs. Shaffer )

With everything that is happening in the world it is no shock to anyone that this Summer would be a unique one for most of us. Visiting places would be a brand new places, if you were even allowed to go into there. Justin visited a few places over the summer and can certainly agree that due to the virus things are definitely different from what is normal. Justin has told us that “We started the first two [Days]  just heading to and from the beach. We went to a water park. We spent the 4th day going on a tour around Daytona Speedway, and on the final day we rode in a car down the speedway.” So, he talked about how some of these places felt extremely different from what they originally were like from previous summers.

He told us that the beach was pretty much the same as it had always been stating “The amount of people were more or less the same.” He also stated that the beach was almost no different from how it was usually. For him personally he still enjoyed being out by the sea, being in the fresh air and playing in the water. He then went on to explain what it was like in the waterpark he visited. Justin said that “[The Park Employees] made you wear a mask unless you were in the water, and some rides were shut down because of [Covid-19]” It was still a good swim for him and a nice time for him to be with his Cousin. Then there is the Daytona Speedway. He said that the stadium was way less packed then it has ever been before, and as usual everyone was wearing a mask throughout the stands.

Because of the events of 2020, things have changed drastically. Places have been less populated, people have been distant and covering their face, and the world just seems a bit quieter. However, some places are just prone to be mostly the same regardless of whatever events occur, but regardless of whatever happens there will always be a new beginning for people to experience. The next start is coming real soon.