Driving Towards the Future


Maria Hadlock

Marta Hadlock entering her car

Joshua Hadlock, Staffer

We all were young once, and as we grew we hit special milestones that told us we were maturing, growing older, and soon could be independent. One of these major milestones is getting your Permit and shortly after your License to drive a car! Many students are excited to get in front of the wheel and get on the road, some are fantasizing over which car they will get, and others are day dreaming about which roads they’ll drive down. Marta Hadlock is a Senior Student here at Sunlake Highschool who has had her License for a year and has been driving into school and picking up friends and siblings along the way to bring to where they need to go.

As is to be expected to get your Learners Permit you need to take an in person course or online, and because of Covid you will undoubtedly will be attending this online. Marta had this to say about getting online “It was awful. I hated it,” she then further clarified “I hated the entire process until I had the permit. 4 hours of videos, hours at the DMV, to get a piece of plastic, But I was excited to get my permit because driving is fun,” after which she talked about how she felt during the Drivers Test to get her License “I wasn’t really nervous I either crash weeks after the crash, or I crash during the test.” For the record later she stated that she has not crashed into anything. Marta lives in a family of 7 however 2 have moved out leaving 5 in the household. She was asked about transporting family members around she said “[Mom] makes me drive [The siblings] around.”

People love to come up with their custom car she had this to say “I don’t want a van, but other than that I don’t care. I like the style of the [Volvo] you can have a nap in the back.” This is also what she had to say about her current car “[The Car] drives me places, it’s an old car that will probably break down before the end of the year but it still drives me places!” and finally she said that the only punishment that she got while driving was a warning for speeding once.

Driving is an amazing thing, it lets people get from place to place way faster, and with that it opens up a whole new world of customizing and choices to make in your life. For students about to get it or who already have it, it can be a game changer. Another step towards a new beginning.