New Experiences for a Different Kind of Summer – Madison Haynes


Photo Credits: Sofia Castelli

Claire Huffman, Staffer

Madison taking a break with lacrosse teammate. (Photo credits: Jennifer Haynes)

Madison Haynes is a sophomore that goes to Sunlake High school. She is involved in the student council and is the secretary and is also in Key Club. Madison Haynes is a hard worker, good student, and good friend. I asked Madison if she did any sports over the summer and she said, “Yes, over the summer I played on a travel lacrosse team”. Madison was on a lacrosse team over the summer because she wanted to make sure she could improve her skills and stay in shape so she could be ready for her high school lacrosse team in the spring. I then asked, what was something you wanted to do this summer but weren’t able to and she commented, “I wanted to hang out with a lot more of my friends, but couldn’t because of COVID I was not able to”. A lot of people had their summer vacation plans cancelled because of COVID. The summer was a very weird time for everyone, people had to get used to wearing masks, and social distancing. Even with COVID going on Madison stated, “Over the summer I went to Homosassa springs, Madeira beach, lacrosse tournaments, and I got to hang out with a few friends”. Since Madison went to some different places over the summer and hung out with different people, I asked her how her summer was dealing with COVID-19. Madison commented saying “My summer was still good; the only difficult part was having to wear a mask everywhere I go”. I think everyone can agree that mask wearing is one of the difficult things to do since it was made mandatory. I then proceeded to ask Madison; did you try anything new this summer? She said, “Something new I tried this summer was a new lacrosse team; I got to meet many new friends while I was on that team”. The definition of this summer would be trying new things, people started to go on more walks, eat outside, and go to new places. While following COVID-29 guidelines, hopefully.