New year, New car


Elle Bouffard with her 2020 Nissan Kicks SV

Bryce Reed, Staffer

2020 Nissan Kicks SV (Photo By: Elle Bouffard)

New things are always nice, it’s safe to say the ultimate gift for a teenager is a new car.  Elle Bouffard, a junior at Sunlake was lucky enough to get a 2020 Nissan Kicks SV for her 16th birthday. Known for its spacious cargo area, 7 inch touchscreen and active safety features, all together it’s a really great car. When asked about how it happened she said “It was a surprise. I had gone kayaking with some friends one weekend and then went straight to my brother’s baseball game afterwards and when we came home my dad opened the garage and it was there. I was super shocked because we had, at the time, only recently started looking at used cars so I totally didn’t expect to see a brand new one sitting in our garage.”

She said she loves to drive and her favorite part about the car is its smooth driving and blacked out rims, she says “they give the car a sporty look.” Luckily the car is new so she hasn’t had to have any repairs done and hopefully won’t have to anytime soon. She say’s the only issue with the car is having to drive her siblings around.