Ink’d Up


Maya Houston sitting on the beach showcasing her tattoos.

Hunter Falcon, Staffer

As kids grow up they start to decide what they want to do when they’re older. This can include having a dream job, having a car, or something completely out of the ordinary. Ever since Maya Houston was a child, she has been wanting a tattoo. Flash forward many years later, and that dream becomes a reality. She says that, “Most of my family members have at least one, and for as long as I can remember I planned on getting my first one when I was old enough.” One of Maya’s most personal tattoos is dedicated to her grandfather after he passed in 2014. The tattoo resembles a heart beat, which she said was “a cute add on to the day that he passed.” Some of her other designs include a heart, a cross, and birds. All of these designs are on her left arm, and she says that they are just “small things I though were cute.” Compared to her other designs, she says that this was holds a lot of meaning and will always keep her grandfather by her side. As a senior at Sunlake, Maya hopes to add many new tattoos as the years go on and more memories are made.