Swimming Through the Years

Katheryn Miles

Everyone has a certain feeling towards water whether you like it or not, however to Kayla water means more to her than anything. Kayla’s connection all started when she  “..wanted to be  a mermaid.” She began the journey when she “…found out there was a swim team at school, I thought it would be so much fun to go swimming after school every day… I had to take swim lessons with 10 year old’s as a sophomore in Highschool to learn the breast stroke and butterfly stroke. It was really embarrassing.” Even before the swim team she had a love and desire for water and took it one step further by joining the swim team. Kayla first joined the team and, “The first day of swim I was the last one to swim in my lane because I needed to watch what everyone else did. people kept flying by me and I was still trying to figure out how to use my pervious lessons to my advantage… ever since the first day I’ve fell in love with it. It is definitely a challenge but that’s what makes it more exciting.” Kayla struggled with the strokes at first however the Sunlake swim team has set goals to achieve by the end of their season, and in order to do that they have to put their all into practice. Every individual has set goals for themselves, but Kayla’s greatest accomplishment was, “…swimming the 200IM in districts and coming in 2nd place in my heat. The 200IM consist of a combination of all the strokes.”

Even through Kayla’s hardest times, swim always helped her get things off her mind by “…handling drama and many other problems because when I am swimming I can clear my mind and forget about all the worries.” Kayla gets away from things by swimming however, “…My friends on the team are my family. I know they would always have my back.” Even though she is family with the swim team some bonds are stronger than others. “…Jamie convinced me to try out for swim captain and without him i wouldn’t have had the half the amount of crazy adventures. Ashlyn and Trinity are my second closest friends and are officially titled my favorite swim lane buddies.” When on a team everyone tends to come together and make bonds that are inseparable. Swim was her safe place and a spot to hang out and bond with people that she loves. “… I feel like I just wasn’t born to do anything else.” even though Kayla is a senior now she knows what’s its like to first start with knowing nothing. “I didn’t even know how to swim breast stroke or butterfly stroke starting out sophomore year and yet I have become swim captain my senior year! … Even when you feel like drowning and giving up, don’t! Practice is only an hour and every second counts!”