Chili’s Connoisseur


Logan Hewitt’s colored chili titled “pog”

When it comes to food, there’s no greater love than Logan Hewitt and his favorite restaurant, Chili’s.  When asked how often he goes he said “at least once every two weeks if not more.”  His favorite thing to order at Chili’s is the cheese quesadilla, he said he likes to dip it in ranch and sour cream. He also said he’s a huge fan of Chili’s ranch, “I would put it on everything if I could.” The reason he likes it so much is because “It’s very nicely made.”  The most recent visit to Chili’s Logan Decided to turn toward his creative side and color a pepper using a double sided crayon. This is part of Chili’s create a pepper campaign which donates a dollar to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for every pepper colored. Logan had this to say “My crayon broke in half during the coloring but I still think it looks good.”

Sadly due to Covid Logan hasn’t been able to go to Chili’s for the past few months and when he went a few days ago he realized something sad, his favorite server wasn’t there. they started losing hours because of the pandemic. He even said they messed up his order most likely because his favorite server wasn’t working that day.