Closer with Family

Claire Huffman, Staffer

Photo Credits: Taylor Chambliss

Samantha Kosowski is a sophomore at Sunlake High school. She is a hard-working student, and always ready to take on any task that comes her way. I asked Samantha how her summer was dealing with COVID-19 and she said, “My summer wasn’t eventful, and it was quite boring. The Coronavirus was new to the world, so it was a big change. COVID-19 was a big adjustment for everybody and was very weird to get used to. I then proceeded to ask her if she tried anything new this summer she commented saying, “No I didn’t”. Samantha and many others probably had an uneventful summer because of COIVID-19. Since Samantha didn’t try anything new this summer, I asked her what was something was you wanted to do this summer but weren’t able to she said, “I wanted to hang out with my friends a lot more and go to amusement parks but during the summer we weren’t able to because they were closed”. Because of Samanthas response I then asked her what were some things she did over summer, she said “The things I did over the summer were things that I should’ve done a long time ago. I connected with my family even more, considering that I was stuck inside with them for 5 months”. Lots of family’s were connecting in different ways because of being stuck inside and a lot of family’s either got closer because of this or grew farther apart. I then asked Samantha did your family have to cancel any travel plans because of COVID, she commented saying, “No, my family still went to Michigan for a couple of weeks to go camping and for my sister’s graduation party. We were still safe with COVID precautions”. I then asked her what kinds of things did you do with your family to keep busy she said, “My family and I would rent a movie and we’d have a movie night every Friday night. We would also play with my dog a lot more than a regular school day schedule.