Narrative Poem


Growth by Julia Kovalesky


The frog sulked as he lay on the bark of a tree, 

The tree that always welcomed him affectionately.

He simply sighed to himself wishing he could just flee, 

To start a new life and stop living desolately. 


A nearby hummingbird heard as he hopelessly sighed, 

It flew down to see since he’s acting quite questionable. 

“What is wrong frog? Have you lost all of your pride?” 

“Perhaps yesI am but a fool, so negligible. 


“Now don’t say that, I am sure you are a smart man.”
I try but growth is a snail, agonizingly slow.”

The frog had tried to learn, that was the plan, 

But never had anything made him feel just so low. 


Everyone around was dramatically more clever, 

And then just when the frog would catch up to them all, 

they were just always ten steps ahead, smart as ever. 

“Oh frog,” said the hummingbird“it is not forever.” 


“But the vile, little woodland creatures always insult me.” 

“Well what do they know? They don’t know your brain or thoughts.” 

That is true, but the words still hurt like a crashing sea.”

All that’s important is that you’ve grown, and you’ve grown lots.”