Schedule and Routine Key Factors


Mitch is a Junior at Sunlake Highschool and is on the football and lacrosse team. He is a hard worker and always stays focused to get his work done. Since Mitch is in extra school activities I asked him how he keeps up with his school work and he said, “I have a usual schedule and routine that I do that gives me time to keep up with everything”. Mitch’s tip to underclassmen is, “Don’t stress too hard about anything, because that makes everything worse”. This is a great tip to give because the more you stress over something the more bad you tend to do so you just need to take a dep breath and don’t stress over everything. Covid has made this school year different from the past so I asked him if this school year has been challenging for him. He said, “no, in fact it’s been easier since most everything is open note because of the online people”. Mitch is so busy with sports after school that he said he is, “not in any clubs because I don’t have time”.  Sometimes it is hard to be in clubs because of all the sports activities sad homework that takes up our time. Another question I asked Mitch is if he has been looking at any colleges and he said, “yes, I’ve been looking at any colleges that would give me a football scholarship. Preferably in Florida but anywhere would work”. The last question I asked Mitch is what was his favorite memory from this school year so far and he stated, “playing football has been my favorite memory from this year”.