Covid-19 Unintended Consequences


Photo Credits: Skylar Nardone

Photo Credits: Giovanni Nardone

Giovanni is a freshman at Sunlake High School. He is a hard working student and is involved in sports and clubs. I asked Giovanni how has COVID impacted your freshman year, he responded saying “It took away going to games, and having fun. But when COVID started I got new friends, and a different way of learning.” COVID has affected a lot of people’s lives and has had a huge impact on school whether you attend school or my school online. I then asked Giovanni if it is difficult to keep up with school and have extracurricular activities, he commented saying “yes, it is harder because everything is handled online. Yes, it affects clubs because a lot of places have been closed, for volunteer hours.” Clubs have been hard to do because a lot of places that students would normally volunteer at may be closed due to COVID. Because masks have been a big adjustment for a lot of people I asked Giovanni do masks bother you during school, he said “Masks do not bother me, it is a less chance to get COVID and makes people safe.” Most students struggle with procrastination so I asked Giovanni how do you stay focused and get your work done, he said “from my point of view just study, and turn in your work on time.” Because of Giovanni’s response I then asked what are some habits you have to succeed in your classes, he responded saying, “some work habits I have is keep everything on time, and listen to teachers.” Since Giovanni is a freshman I asked him has transitioning from middle School to High school been a big adjustment for you, he commented saying, “yes it is a big adjustment because you were from the highest grade now to the lowest grade, but going to high school is better because you get new friends, and have better sport opportunities.