The Students Under the Gear and Sunscreen


Andrew McEntire, Staffer

The earlier weeks of September was one of the wilder times in the 2022-2023 school year. On Thursday students had the option to represent their favorite team Hurley or Harley; or put more simply, Surfers or Bikers. This entailed students arriving with chunky motorcycle gear, surf boards, leather accessories, and loads of sunscreen. If anything, one thing is clear, and that is students take fun very seriously. As one stylish motorcyclist, Sophomore Jazmin Gonzalez, elaborately states, “Yeah, I like it. I like being extra.” And who can blame her? When an opportunity to ease the stress of day-to-day life and replace it with a lighthearted fun time, why wouldn’t you take it? “It’s an excuse to dress up,” Sophomore Christia Quire says, “It’s fun and honestly if people judge you, it’s whatever. All that matters is you have fun.” Sophomore Joseph Cantero adds on by saying, “I just throw on what I think is cool and I have fun with it.” He further shares, “My most memorable moment was being handed a beach chair and sunscreen.” Little else can be said that hasn’t been stated by these kind individuals. If you’re nervous for whatever reason, take that leap. There is no time to over think it if you’re already in motion.