Showing off Our Inner-Kid


Danielle Swenson

Lynn Raad, a sophomore at Sunlake high school, dressed up as one of her favorite childhood protagonists for Generation day.

Danielle Swenson, Editor

Our Sophomore’s are letting their inner kid shine! Sophomore, Lynn Raad, came to school for Generation Day sporting countless students’ favorite childhood protagonist. Tasked with dressing up as a kid, Lynn says “the inspiration for my kid costume was an old photo of me from elementary school where I was decked out in pink sequins and a Justice tutu.” Taking the extra leap, she even decided to make some of her costumes herself. When asked how she made her costume for the day, Lynn says “some of the costumes I sewed myself, others I thrifted pieces from goodwill, and most things I already owned.” While the Seniors added gray to their hair, our Sophomore’s continued to turn to the past. “I loved Generation Day because I got to let out my inner kid again and watch others be super creative with their Generations costumes,” Lynn said.