Hurley v.s. Harley Freshman Style

How the Newest Seahawks Participate in Homecoming Week


Isabella Gray, Staffer

The image above shows freshman Naomi Lammers channeling her inner biker for homecoming week’s Harley vs. Hurley day. This year, Homecoming week was much earlier than it has been in the past and even still, freshmen participated in any way they could. These newest Seahawks proved they could soar above and beyond when it came to powderpuff, skit, and even dressing up. Student Naomi Lammers stated that she dressed up because she “thought it would be cool.” Naomi chose to be a biker for the dress up day also because she “thought it would be cool”.

“I was gonna have a red bandana, but I found a yellow one so it sort of looked like I was both,” Naomi says. Many freshmen participated in specific days but not all. When asked if she enjoyed dressing up for homecoming week, Naomi stated, “I do if I can find a costume that I actually like.” Naomi suggested that for a future dress up day, “I want a marvel one, but that sounds complicated so I don’t know.”