How was Class Day for the Underclassmen?

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

On the second day of homecoming week- September 7th, students were dressed up as different royal classes on ‘Class day’. Many of which was Sophomore Jenny Rosario who had dressed up as a jester that day. Jenny was so happy to be “recieving the opportunity to dress up for the jester part…” it was “the most enjoyable day” for them as they had the time to be able to “…do some funky makeup…” They had said, “I messed around a little on the night before but ended changing it up, yet, I remained satisfied nonetheless!” Class day for all grades was an amazing time of day- especially for the sophomores who could expand their creativeness with cool makeup and costumes in order to look the part. Many of Jenny’s “…friends also dressed up and accessorized for the part…” They also said about, “…the fact that we got the chance to play around with it was really nice! One of them even went as far as to let me do his makeup for it!” The jester theme was surely the best out of all of the other classes- in my opinion.