Interview on Harley vs. Hurley Day


Sunlake High School just had their annual Spirit Week. Laila Desmarais, a Sophomore at Sunlake, says it is seen as a fun event where, “everyone can dress up as something funny and away from normality.” Each day in Spirit week brings a new theme and new crazy, wacky costumes from each student, with Thursday being Harley vs. Hurley Day. On this day in particular students could either chose to dress as a surfer or biker, drawing a fake line in the sand on that day, even between friends who decide to differ in Harley vs. Hurley attire. It was said to be the day that left “…a lot of room for individuality…” and let people “…be creative with it…” says Desmarais; it left people of all kinds up and down the halls with different mixtures of leather jackets and swim suits. Overall, the day of Harley vs. Hurley in Sunlake High School’s spirit week let kids be creative and chose a side with their fellow peers, making a fun and exciting environment around the whole school on that day.