Britney Spears Spotted at Sunlake?!

Noah Sagnip, Staff member

On the last day of a great and successful Homecoming week, celebrities of all kinds showed up to school. Students dressed up as their favorite celebrities many of them ranging from Adam Sandler, Kim Kardashian, and Jesus. In this picture, Sophomore Skylar Tedora is dressed up as Britney Spears. She says, “I really love her songs, and this one music video which really speaks out to me.” She was highly inspired to dress up as Britney Spears as she connects with her in different ways. When I asked about her outfit she said, “My favorite part about the outfit was my skirt because I really don’t wear skirts.” Skylar dressed up on every day during Homecoming week and topped it off with her outfit as Britney Spears. Along with her and many other students, the school spirit among Sunlake High School flourishes when they participate on these fun dress up days.