The Spirit in the Stands



A senior at Sunlake, Frederic Bowen, performing at our annual Homecoming football game. Freddy is apart of both our Colorguard and our band, and his infectious spirit boosts the morale across the stands.

Danielle Swenson, Editor

Most have experienced the thrill of a football game: cheering from the student section and the shared excitement of a touchdown. However, not as many get the  opportunity to see games through the lenses of Band or Color Guard; even less get to experience both. Frederic Bowen, a senior at Sunlake, is one of the rare few who has gotten to experience a game from all perspectives. When asked how he enjoys the game from the stands, Freddy says, “I think they’re a blast. The guard dances in the stands and the band plays tunes. I just think it’s really fun because we get to do what we love at the game and not just watch. We feel like we’re participating.”  Freddy has been a member of Color Guard for all of his four years of high school. “I started band in sixth grade and joined color guard in eighth grade. I ended up working it out that I could do both,” Bowen says. This year, Freddy is playing flute with the band and dancing with guard on the field; last year, Freddy says:”…I [sic] kind of did the opposite of that. So I’m getting the best of both worlds.”

At the Homecoming game, Freddy played with the band through the rain. While many were disappointed the game was rained on, he said, “I feel like we’re used to it because even if it rains during practice we’re still out there working.” Despite the rain, Freddy and his friends still enjoyed the game. “I had a good time, it’s always fun with the band. We’re always having a good time in the stands with the band section; it’s just a good group of people.” At the end of the Homecoming game, Freddy performed with the Soaring Sound on the field. “I get nervous,” Freddy says about his performances, “but I also know that I’m trained well, so I have the skills to do it. I just need to breathe and focus.” Even with juggling band and color guard simultaneously, his bond with his fellow guard members is strong. “It’s a family. We all love each other a lot and that’s obvious. There’s a lot of love.”