Shoot for the Stars; Celebrity Day


Andrew McEntire, Staffer

The week following homecoming was a wild one, jampacked with above and beyond conversation starters and future nostalgia. For this topic, Friday in question, all bets were off. Students—no matter the class—could dress as whomever they pleased and they did not disappoint. From the handfuls of Guy Fieri’s to the few messiahs roaming the halls, it’s a safe bet to say students were having a blast. Freshman Ava Zalta notes, “I thought it was fun. It’s not just about dressing up for yourself, it was also fun seeing what people dressed up as.” Upon further reminiscing, they mention “a lot of Adam Sandlers.” When asked about how the theme affected student moral, Freshmen Elize Laari answers, “Everyone had a lot more fun” and “It made them a lot more confident.” Which goes to show that when given the opportunity, our peers are lively, witty folks willing to stand out and shoot for the stars.