A Senior Homecoming to Remember

Samuel C


Senior Nick Salerno stated, “I was really excited for homecoming. I hadn’t been to it in the past years but for my senior year, I wanted to go all out. I was also taking my close friends, Maddie, Destino, and Melina, so I wanted them to have a great night, one to remember forever. I hosted a dinner party at my house and created a menu of 3 different dishes for them to choose from.” As Nick stated, the feeling he had before Homecoming was very strong. He explained, “After that, I was feeling very energetic for homecoming.” While Nick explained his first experience at Homecoming in a way that he called his own, he said, “that night, when we arrived, the dance was pretty dead, so I was like: ain’t no way my last homecoming is going to suck because no one was dancing, and the Dj was playing no heat. So I told myself I need to start a circle to change the whole mood of the dance, and when I started it no one was jumping in, so I had to show them what’s up. When I tell you I was going crazy, I was going crazy: hitting the MJ, hitting the splits – although I didn’t do them fully – and I hurt myself in the process.” Having brought the right energy for the rest of the night, Nick and his friends felt that he had given them an incredible experience that they will never forget.