It Takes Grit to be In Skit

Sophomore Ella Infanger explains her great skit experience


Ella Infanger, a Sophomore at Sunlake High School, explains her great skit experience.

Noah Sagnip, staff


This years Homecoming consisted of so many memorable events. Skit, Powderpuff, dress up days, and the Homecoming dance were all great events in this years Homecoming. Students involved in skit had a great time. They enjoyed the environment, people, and just the overall experience of skit. In the picture shown, sophomore Ella Infanger got a lot from participating in skit. She said she learned “a lot of teamwork from my team leader, Melissa who showed great leadership.” On top of learning from it, she had a blast. “It was really fun I laughed the whole time,” she says. Skit brings memories from the experiences students have. Lots of tears are shed, lots of laughs are shared, and lots of sweat is poured. From the senior skit, to the senior parents skit, and to even every classes’ skit, emotions are alive and buzzing in the stands. When asked about how she felt when she watched the other classes skits’, Ella says, “I enjoyed watching the other classes perform, especially the senior parents, they killed it.” “The best part of skit was performing with my friends,” Ella claims. As displayed in the picture, the sophomore skit students enjoyed themselves to the fullest. One thing that the people watching the skit may not know about is the effort it takes to perform. Ella says, “right before the skit we had to run through the play so many times. We had to keep practicing until it was perfect.” This years skit brought so much success from the hard work of the students of each class. Every year skit gets better and better and we are hoping for greater success in the years to come.