Celebrity Day with Gabrielle Rosario


Andrew McEntire, Staffer

Going further with the memento of nostalgia and memories; Junior, Gabrielle Rosario gallantly takes the microphone to share her take on the last day of spirit week, Celebrity Day. Though she herself hadn’t dressed for the event, she notes how her peers “were happy wearing what they wanted.” She explains, “I would have dressed up more if it was a better theme ya’know? Like easier to plan out vs rushing last minute to do something. But other than that, I don’t know, I just did not feel the need to dress up that much this year.” However, in a very sweet twist, when asked if with hindsight she’d dress up for future events, Gabby heartwarmingly says, “I would, because looking back on my years so far, the best part of high school is going out doing the fun stuff like dressing up for spirit week or going to games and even the dances. I have so many fun memories with my friends of us planning what we are gonna wear and stuff.” Students, like me or you, often don’t take enough advantage of these kinds of times. Days or simple moments like these are important to have. Maybe not to carry around 24/7 thinking it as the absolute highlight of one’s life, but as nice souvenirs you keep on a desk or on a nice shelf to ponder every once in a while. And don’t think of it as a chore either, just let the moments come naturally and enjoy them to the fullest you’re comfortable with. It’s one of the best things we can ever do for ourselves.