Junior Skit 2022, Kegan Bowman, Olivia Moore

Koen Devenny, Staffer

Kegan Bowman and Olivia – also known as Liv -Moore, both played the role of peasants in their junior year of Skit in the 2022/2023 school year.  When asked about their skit this year, Kegan said, “The skit this year was basically a medieval theme, and I chose to have the role of a peasant”; Olivia participated with a peasant with him as well. Kegan “…participated in the skit my [sic] sophomore and junior year…” with Olivia. According to her, “this is my favorite year skit, because of how hard we worked and yet we had a lot of fun doing it too.” “Us doing a great job, and the class working really hard…” plays a key role in us creating an amazing skit, Olivia claimed.  With good competition this year, Kegan thought, “we did a pretty good job this year but still lost to the seniors, which is to be expected.” Since seniors are royalty, they put on an royal skit and did amazing. To be in the skit takes a lot of preparation, but during the performance, Olivia “…got to dance and sing, and mouth a lot of words that I forgot.” Overall both people interviewed said that for juniors, this year’s skit was a success and when given the chance next year they will both be participating again.