Sunlake Skit Night & The Benefits of Extracurricular and After School Activities


Daniel Crane, Staffer

Sunlake’s Homecoming Skit Night was September 7th and freshman Zoey Fry shared her thoughts in an interview about her experience. Zoey started by sharing, “I got to talk to a lot of people I’ve never met before,” going on to talk about how she enjoyed the fact that Skit Night was very much a communal effort. In fact,  her favorite part of Skit was, “…how everyone interacts with each other and helps clean up and set up the sets even though they don’t really know each other.” She also expressed how being able to meet everyone who played a part in Skit was a positive experience. Zoey said she would go to Skit Night again. She would tell anyone who did not go to Skit, “…you should definitely try it out because it is a lot of fun; you get to meet new people.”

Going to events like this, whether they are school hosted, teacher led, or organized by a third party, can be a great way to meet new people and expand one’s horizons. Going to official events or clubs can look great on a college application or resume. They can also be a plus for anyone looking to dive deeper into a specific subject or topic that traditional schooling might not offer.