The Knights of Skit


Samuel Chacon, Staffer

Junior Logan Kallish was a part of a homecoming skit night. Logan explained that skit was “…a collaboration between Sunlake high school and their class peers. Which has a designated theme each year. Also, us students create backdrops, do voice over, and even write our own scripts and choreograph dances.” Logan elaborated that the theme was medieval and what the 11th grade juniors were given, “The juniors were given the knights for skit night and our skit was an underdog story. Our royal football team had a contracted fish odor syndrome and couldn’t play in the homecoming game. So basically, it was the knight’s job to get a replacement for the team. The overall theme was that due to teamwork and strong leadership the Sunlake football team prevails and wins the game.” Logan then explains how his experience with night skit occurred and the prior days of practicing for the big day, “My time with skit was extremely fun. I enjoyed coming together with everyone a couple times a week to put together a performance as grand as we did. Due to the extremely dedicated leaders of the skit our class, we were able to keep focus and look forward. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to do it again, and everyone should give it a try.