A Medieval Skit


James Magos, Staff

Every year during Homecoming week, each class performs a skit. The theme for this year’s Homecoming was medieval. Senior Fallou Mbowe is someone who participated in the skit. “The skit was about the Sunlake Seahawks ready to play Palm Harbor in the homecoming game. But a cursed villain, the Hurraking, came and stole Seymour. The two football players and cheerleaders go after him into medieval times and encounter many challenges along the way. The curse then gets lifted and the Hurraking returns Seymour to Sunlake and Mrs. Merlin so we can win the homecoming game,” Fallou said when asked what the skit is about. I also asked Fallou where he got his costume from and what his role in the skit was. “I played Mrs. Merlin,” he said. “And the costume was from Lili’s closet or something.”