Class of 2023 Final Powderpuff


The senior class of 2023 before winning first place overall in Powderpuff.

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

The senior class of 2023 won first place in this year’s Powderpuff game. Powderpuff is a homecoming week tradition where the roles of the boys and the girls are reversed. This year, the boys’ powderpuff team cheered on their girls and put together a series of first-place winning dances during the halftime show. Their dances won points for creativity, song choice, and quality of dances. The boys even implemented flips and tricks that helped put them over the edge of the rest of the classes. Adrian Pulgar, a senior here at Sunlake, participated in powderpuff for the first time this year. He said he wanted to partake because “it’s my senior year and I want to be really involved.” When asked if he enjoyed his first Powderpuff game, he said “I loved spending time with my friends and making memories before the end of senior year when we all go our separate ways.”

While the boys cheer on the sidelines, the girls put together a full flag football team comprised of offensive and defensive players. The girls started practicing for the big game over the summer. Hailey Mayes, a senior at Sunlake, played in this year’s Powderpuff game. She says “everyone takes the powderpuff game very seriously, that’s why we started practicing so early. We’re here to win.” The seniors won their first game against the sophomores and went on to beat the juniors in the final game, making them this year’s Powderpuff champions. When asked what she likes most about the powderpuff game, Hailey said she “loves beating the freshman every year and putting them in their place.” It’s safe to say that Sunlake’s powderpuff game is taken very seriously by students from all classes, and the seniors worked hard to come out on top in both cheer and football this year.