Seniors Rock the Field: Powderpuff


Andrew McEntire, Staffer

One of the year’s most anticipated events has come and gone, but has left a lasting impression on all who participated. The 2022 Powderpuff game that closely trailed Homecoming, ended with the seniors being crowned as the champions, all who witnessed, played, and cheered were thrilled with excitement and team spirit.

When asked about her involvement on the field, Senior Noelle Oparka said, “It honestly always gets extremely competitive, so it was fun!” She notes the hardest part of the whole ordeal was “…shaking off the nerves, for sure!” Though, nervousness had no impact on the senior’s path to victory, and in turn, dauntlessly crushing the competition. “Knowing that I had good teammates gave me a sense of calmness and I knew we had the girls to win!” Noelle, very touchingly, says.

Just as how time pushes us towards experiences that we grow and learn from, time doesn’t allow us to hang around one moment forever. Unfortunately for the Senior Class, their time dominating in Sunlake Powderpuff activities is coming to an end. When asked about this, Noelle confirms that “…one of the saddest moments of my year so far was knowing it was the last time we’d all play Powderpuff together.” But, on a very sweet and optimistic note, that “the practices and bonds I created with every coach and teammate, especially Erin; learning to read her throws and work together became so fun, and I’m going to miss it.” With one word Noelle sums up the best part of the festivities, and the one thing she will definitely remember: “Winning!”