A Presidential Update on the Robot Invasion


Toby Somerville

Senior Ty Cockerham (right) masterfully manages the robotics club’s grasping robot, with senior Vedannt Sarker(left) providing the carton. In past years, Ty has competed in VEX robotics competitions. He says, “We have also worked on creating a robot for the robotics trick-or-treats around the track.”

Toby Somerville, Staffer

(Left to Right) Ian Kengott, Vedannt Sarker, and Ty Cockerham work together each week after school in the robotics room to upgrade their grabbing robot. Ty has been interested in robotics and electronics for a long time, and in past years he has taken part in VEX competitions along with the club. He says, “I liked the idea of…possibly being able to learn from [the other members] and extend my knowledge of robotics.” (Toby Somerville)

The robotics club president’s position has fallen upon Ty Cockerham, a senior at Sunlake, this year. Each week, Mr. Fernandez sponsors Ty and the other members of the team. One of the other club officers, senior Vedannt Sarker, and the club’s future president —sophomore Ian Kengott— also help with robot engineering and design. Ty says, “I decided to join the robotics club because I was interested in working with electronics and making [robots].” Ty also says it is “nice to help teach newcomers as to how we operate.” Being able to collaborate with other group members is appealing, especially when brainstorming crazy robot designs and coming up with ideas for an upcoming competition. Ty says, “We hope to be able to compete in a vex competition later this year where we have to construct a robot to compete in a game.” The hope for the club this year is to “qualify for further up competitions so we could possibly travel for a competition.” “The club has been very helpful in enhancing my robotic skills,” Ty says, and it has “also improved my [his] way of tackling problems.” One robot that Ty would like to design is one created by upgrading a power wheels car. He says “I really like the design as it can be used for transportation as well as just being an amusing idea itself.”