Hoco Powderpuff



Sophomore homecoming powderpuff cheerleading.

Hailey Mayes, Staffer

Sophomore Trent DeCaire participated in this years Powderpuff as a cheerleader for Homecoming Week. Trent is one of the most school spirited in his grade. Since his freshman year he has been  very involved in school activities. The Powderpuff cheer dances are a group of boys in each class that get together and make fun and entertaining dances that are in sync, unique, and should be about two to five minutes long. Trent says that the most difficult part of the dancing and cheering was trying to get everybody in sync and work together to get the dances coordinated. He says that his favorite thing for him to do was to “…work together with his friends and to have fun with it.” The easiest part of the dance for Trent was the end of the dance. He states that when he “…heard the crowd cheering after their dance at the halftime show that I felt super excited, proud, and accomplished with all the hard work we had put into the dance.” If there was anything in the dance and in the cheering that he could go back and change he would change the excitement level he had and having more energy on the sidelines while cheering.