Zayda’s Big Match


Samuel Chacon

Sophomore Zayda Thomas setting up for a hard hit to get a point against Wiregrass.

Samuel Chacon, Yearbook Staffeer

Sophomore Zayda Thomas expressed a lot of gratitude and expressions of appreciation during the volleyball match against Wiregrass Ranch High School., “I think that we all came into this game ready to play the best we could, and we beat them for the second time this season!” She then proceeds to describe how she felt she performed in that game and what she felt she did well. She tells us: 
“I felt that I had tried my best to play smart and also tried encouraging my teammates to play the best they could and to stay confident so we could win the game.” As Zayda stated, this game is different from any other game out there, making it unique. “Our game against Wiregrass was different from any other game because we have played them three times this season, and were able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team.” When Zayda speaks about the importance of the Wiregrass game, she explains the importance of the game by saying: “This game was important because it was our last home game for the regular season, and winning helped our team’s ranking as well as our record.” Zayda explains how far she thinks she and her team will make it into the season “…with the win rate that we have. Know you win districts this season as well as states. We have worked really hard, so I know we were able to do it.Zayda expressed her feelings about winning this game against Wiregrass and stated, “ I felt really great after winning this game, and I think it’s gonna give us confidence for when we start playing in districts.”