Everything’s Better with Butter


Katherine Miles

Students cheer for Sunlake’s football team in the stands at Butterbowl.

Ella Infanger, Staffer

For the first time in years, Sunlake students had to bundle up for Friday Night Lights. Our annual Butterbowl took place as an away game at the Land O Lakes football field and our attendance and school spirit were like never before. Butterbowl is an ongoing tradition for Sunlake High School where we face our rival high school: Land O Lakes. Its known as the Butterbowl in regards to Land O Lakes butter, and the name has stuck for years. Senior Liliana Sanchez explained that “the rivalry between us and Land O Lakes High is always intense but it gives us an opportunity to be more spirited.” Unlike our usual Friday night games, temperatures dropped and students had to wrap up to stay warm; still, that did not keep students from showing up and cheering on our players. In the end, however, we did not take home a win. Liliana shared that “the score was 28-8 I think, but although we lost I thought we played great considering it was a challenging game.” Land O Lakes may be the champions of Butterbowl this year, but we will be ready to take back the title next year. Sophomore Adam Ron described that “My favorite part was when we got to cheer on our team even though we were losing.” For some students, just showing up and cheering our school on is the best part. “The school spirit from the student section was great, I inhaled pounds of baby powder” Adam continued. The theme for this game was White Out and this color filled the stands. “I love all of the chants and signs made!” Liliana says, “The spirit in the student section was great!” Despite our loss, our school spirit was strong and our football team did their best. Sunlake is determined to win Butterbowl next time.