A Buttery Pep Rally


Samuel Chacon

Sophomore Jacob Whitehead helping put on his partners football equipment

James Magos, Staffer

This Friday we had a prep rally for our annual Butter Bowl game against Land O’ Lakes High School. In the prep rally, we had a dance-off, a butter toss, and the football gear relay race. I asked sophomore Jacob Whitehead who participated in one of the prep rally events what he did. He participated in the football relay. He said, “In the activity, we had to put on some football gear. Pads, a helmet, a jersey, and some pants. Then we had to run to the other side and take it all off, then our partner had to pit it all on, and then we had to run back to the other side.” He also said, “My team the sophomores won the challenge and beat the freshman.” The Sunlake Seahawks and Land O’ Lakes Gators are big rivals and have been facing off for years. I asked him if he was excited about this upcoming Butter Bowl. “I was excited for the Butter Bowl because since I’m on the football team I was able to watch from the sideline,” Jacob responded. I asked him if he enjoyed the Butter Bowl. He said, “I did enjoy the Butter Bowl, except for the loss obviously, because as I said before I got to go be on the sideline.”