Bird Watching Gone Wrong


Heather Horvath

Senior, Marcus Airola playing in this year’s rivalry football game.

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

Every year students at Sunlake pack the stands to support the varsity football team in what they call the Butterbowl. Butterbowl is the rivalry game against Land O Lakes high school that becomes a huge event in the year for people all around Pasco County. This event is exceptionally important to the team. So much so that the entire school gathers for a massive pep rally the day of the game to offer their support. Marcus Airola, a linebacker who has played football since Elementary school played hard in this year’s Butterbowl game in an attempt to redeem the team from last year’s turnout. Unfortunately, the seahawks suffered a tough loss in the Butterbowl with a final score of 23-8. Marcus said that losing Butterbowl “was extremely heartbreaking, I even cried because I had so much faith in the team.” He also said that if he could describe the environment of the Sunlake football team during the game, he would “describe it as a car driving one hundred miles per hour off of a cliff.” Although the demeanor was low, Marcus said that Coach Gilmore did not allow them to break down. Gilmore told them to always practice “humility, accountability, respect, and discipline” no matter the outcome. Marcus believes that next year, even though he will have graduated, the Sunlake Seahawks “will pull through and bring Sunlake a Butterbowl win.”