Swimming for Your Peace of Mind


Trinity Boyle and junior Katelyn Madley featured at a swim meet.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Junior Katelyn Madley has been doing swim for around 12 years of her life. She competed for nine years in club swim and then three years for the Sunlake swim team. She doesn’t do any sports besides swimming, but said, “When I was really little, I was in dance for a few years, but ended up quitting to join the Florida Elite swim team.” She decided to join the swim team because she knew the swim coach well, she also said “She was one of my mentors when she worked at the Land O Lakes Rec Center. I also just kind of felt the need to join the swim team, as I had already been swimming for six years and it just seemed right.” The school swim team has both club and school swim, and Katelyn does both, so she practices with the school team on Tuesday only. However, if you only compete on the school swim team, you would practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school. They practice at the Lando O Lake’s Rec Center. Doing things in front of a crowd can seem like a scary task; Katelyn says, “ It isn’t intimidating to participate at dual meets, which are our meets on Wednesdays against one other school.” Though she does admit that when the team participates in bigger meets, the events can become “…quite intimidating as the competition is intense.” Katelyn’s favorite part of swimming “…is the feeling I get after a good workout. I feel so accomplished and proud of myself for pushing through.” For those Seahawks who want to take a splash in the pool, consider joining the Sunlake swim team next season!