Sunlake’s Stargazers

Koen Devenny, Staffer

On October 26th, Sunlake Highschool had its very first astrology club meeting. With the fifteen very enthusiastic members of the club in attendance, the first meeting included designing a tee shirt and the structure and time of a normal meeting. Sebastian Pineda, a junior at Sunlake and a very excited new member, said “I think the club is really cool since it is encouraging people to learn more about our universe and making not as available information easier to find for people passionate about it.” With a whole year of meetings ahead of him and lots of information to learn, he says “I’m excited about learning about space and the unique things about it.” He plans on joining the club again next year and pursuing his interests after high school to learning new things and maybe earn a related career. “In the future, I look forward to hopefully learning how to use a telescope and be able to tell apart constellations and seeing cool things.” Sebastian said, “I joined because it was something to be passionate about and give time to a new activity and make new friends, and I just really like space.” This year, Sunlake high school’s astronomy club is excited and ready to explore space and create new bonds while meeting new people.